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Leamington DIY in Old Town Leamington Spa on Regent Place opposite Iceland Supermarket.



We sell most of the popular glues and adhesives or can order them into the shop within a couple of days if they are out of stock.

Popular glues include Unibond No More Nails, Loctite Superglue and Superglue Gel, Evostick Gripfill, Unibond Power tape (previously Duck Tape), Copydex, Araldite Rapid, Evo-stik Impact Adhesive and Everbuild Strong Double Sided Tape.

Decorating Supplies

Decorating Supplies

A range of various decorating solutions are also available, if you cannot see it we may be able to order for you within a couple of days.

Popular decorating products include Polycell Polyfilla, Foam Filler, Wood Fillers, Brush Cleaners, Sugar Soap, White Spirit, Turpentine, Methylated Spirirs, Caustic Soda, Nitromors, Carpet Glue, PVA, Hammerite Paint etc.

Other Popular Products

These include old fashioned gls light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, fly paper, Nippon ant killer, Mouse traps, Vacuum bags & Belts, Harris Taskmaster Paintbrushes and Rollers, Oakey Sandpaper, Plasti-Kote Spray Enamel Paint, Brasso, Solvite Wallpaper Paste and the Biodegradable/ Compostable food waste bin liner bags recommended by Warwick District Council for the food bins.

Current Prices in our Shop

Visit our shop to see these products.

Rustins Strypit All Purpose Paint & Varnish Remover
Solvite Wallpaper Paste
4.5 Rolls
Tetrion Filler All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler
Tetrion Filler All Purpose Powder Filler
Tetrion Filler All Purpose Powder Filler
Hammerite Smooth Metal Paint - Direct to Rust
Silvo Silver Wadding Polish by Duraglit
Araldite Rapid 2 Part Epoxy Glue
2 x 15ml

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